Privacy Policy

This document presents the privacy policy of The Repository: Indian Textiles and Crafts (RTC). The Repository collects, uses and shares only essential data about the users keeping their concerns for rights to privacy in mind. It does not automatically capture any specific personal information from you like names, phone number or e-mail address.

If the website requests you to provide personal information, you will be informed for the particular purposes for which the information is gathered, and adequate security measures will be taken to protract your personal information.

All users are requested to go through this policy before using the services of RTC. You may not use the services of RTC if you disagree with this privacy policy.

Usage of personal data by RTC

RTC collects and stores essential personal data about the users at the time of registration only, which is mandatory for members of the Repository. Access to the portal is otherwise open without registration. RTC also stores visitors' contact information, such as name, designation, affiliated body, email id, etc., when anyone seeks information from RTC or shares feedback.

RTC also collects and stores visitors' usage data, i.e., the contents accessed, date and duration of visits, number of downloads, queries, etc., for data analytics. Data related to IP address, browser, domain name, device type, operating system and other systems data are collected automatically. Data related to usage are collected through server log files, cookies and legitimate tracking technologies.

RTC takes adequate safeguards to protect the personal information collected during registration or communication with any visitor.

We do not sell or share any personally identifiable information volunteered on RTC site to any third party (public/private) and information provided in this site will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

The stored data may be used for the purpose of research by RTC or content providers and for responding to queries. However, RTC never uses any stored data for any commercial purpose.

Please inform the RTC office through the Contact Us page if you notice any violation of the privacy principles.