Research & Publications

The Research repository is an R&D archive of dissertations, theses, research papers, conference papers, research project reports, case studies; and learning resources developed by the students and faculty at NIFT and also of other institutions/bodies including academic institutions engaged in R&D in textile and apparel, official archives of the MOT and allied sectors. It also includes institutional publications in the form of books, monographs, periodicals, conference/seminar papers, portfolios and others. The repository also provides access through union catalogue to literature available on textiles in the holdings of libraries, resource centres and archives. The research section of the portal is a single window for various kinds of research pertaining to Indian textiles; both in terms of the traditional textiles and modern innovation. This section is a valuable resource for scholars and other stakeholders of the industry as a single pathway for textile based research and innovation in the country; bridging the gap between the intangible heritage, the generational skill, and the technical innovation in India as a global hub of textiles and associated industries.