Terms of use

The Repository – Textiles & Crafts (RTC) is the one-of-a-kind national portal that also serves as a subject gateway of encyclopedic coverage of cultural heritage and knowledge resources pertaining to traditional Indian textiles and crafts and provides global access.

Who can use the contents of RTC ?

RTC provides seamless access to multiple repositories to both national and international visitors. The Repository is a portal for e-learning and research for target users including students, faculty, research scholars, designers, craft enthusiasts, general public and relevant industry on one hand and an important resource for textile and craft based startups and entrepreneurs on the other.

Categories of contents

The RTC Repository extends access to the following categories of contents :

    • Contents submitted by the stakeholders that include digital surrogates (both born digital and digitized) and their metadata .
    • Limited original content of intangible and tangible intellectual and creative assets created or acquired with IP rights by the RTC .
Access & Fair Use
  • The RTC Office is committed to Open Data and Open Access principles for fair use purposes adopting an open by default position, subject to third party rights, contractual restrictions or other justifiable exceptions. Although the Project’s entire database is currently not open to the public, the RTC / Coordinating Institute (currently NIFT) endeavors to publish or give public access to as much materials as it can, or as is appropriate.
  • Fair Use. In accordance with the applicable copyright laws, any material available may be used for limited personal, educational and non-commercial purposes without permission, provided that the source of the materials is cited. However, certain works of art, as well as photographs of those works of art, may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests.
  • The responsibility for ascertaining whether any such rights exist and for obtaining all other necessary permissions remain solely with the user, and the RTC Office will have no responsibility in connection with securing such necessary rights for any materials.
  • With the exception of fair use, unauthorized reproduction, distribution and exploitation of any of the Participating member’s content is not permitted. Anyone wishing to use any of the content uploaded to the Repository or within this project for any purpose other than fair use as set forth above must request and receive prior written permission from the copyright holder or the contributing partner. The participating member will review all written requests and permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis at their sole discretion.
  • Use of the Metadata. The shared metadata may include information acquired from the contributing partners/organization and information falling under fair use may be used by the user accordingly, however ascertaining information that can be used under fair use is the responsibility of the user. It may be noted that contributor / provider may restrict re-use of the images it provides to RTC for publishing until & unless it’s under fair use as defined by Indian IP Laws, it shall be the responsibility of the user of the portal/repository that they seek due permission from the lawful right owner before modifying or using the IP/details of IP published on the repository portal either for personal or commercial use.

RTC office shall be responsible for the protection of the IP created by RTC only. RTC being a repository and mostly open access platform for the benefit of public at large, shall be protecting the data and information provided by the partner/contributor, however, shall not be liable for protection of rights of the IPs submitted/contributed by the partnering/contributing organisations.

Contact Us

If an individual or an organization believes that their copyrighted material has been uploaded or copied, then the RTC office must be informed through the Contact us weblink. RTC operates a notice and takedown procedure for all materials available.